Pictured: Bill Donaldson (Left) and Bill Parish (Right)

Short Excerpt on Donaldson: Bill Donaldson was a former SEC Chairman who voted in favor of requiring private equity firms and hedge funds to register with the SEC for the first time. President Bush fired Donaldson and his vote was later overturned. However, these exact funds would trigger the financial crisis of 2008 less than 18 months later.

Individual Investors

  • Evaluate current portfolio and mix of investments
  • Provide guidance in defining and setting investment goals
  • Recommend overall asset allocation based upon stated objectives
  • Select stocks, mutual funds, bonds and other investments as appropriate
  • Provide model portfolios for investors wanting simplicity
  • Review other key decisions involving insurance, real estate, credit arrangements and new business opportunities as needed

Trusts and Foundations

  • Evaluate stated goals and objectives
  • Recommend mix of high quality investment alternatives to meet stated objectives
  • Conduct proprietary GAP analysis designed to monitor performance
  • Evaluate outside money managers, if applicable
  • Monitor all key aspects of the plan for fiduciary implications
  • Prepare simplified performance reports to supplement brokerage statements
  • Meet with management and trustees as requested

Retirement Plans, Including 401K and 403B

  • Plan design and evaluation
  • Risk analysis, enrollment and education for participants
  • Model portfolios for employees wanting simplicity
  • Trustee development and education
  • ERISA compliance reviews to reduce 404C fiduciary risk
  • Quarterly performance briefings to management
  • Ongoing follow-up using my innovative GAP analysis to improve performance
  • Constant focus on overall fee reduction, both investment and administrative
  • Interface with key vendors to continually improve and simplify the plan
  • Employee and manager meetings as requested

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