Bill Parish, President and CEO
Registered Investment Advisor (RIA):
  • Manage investment portfolios for individuals, pensions and trusts.
  • Provide key planning advice on all financial matters.
  • Publish financial, economic and corporate governance related research.
  • Advance key corporate governance initiatives to increase market transparency.
  • Internationally recognized as a leader in evaluating interest rate trends, mergers, technology developments, stock options and other compensation programs, accounting and regulatory rules and corporate governance matters.
  • Widely quoted in the NY Times, Bloomberg, Barrons, USA Today, LA Times, Oregonian and other leading publications.
Personalized service and level of support

Choosing Parish Investments will also provide a more personalized service and level of support. Parish Investments focuses upon investment selection and client relations. This provides more long term continuity and stability, especially in this age of mergers. My clients include exceptionally large portfolios in addition to smaller portfolios, although smaller portfolios are only accepted based upon a strong personal connection or relationship with an existing client. Fees charged are .75 percent per year with an annual minimum.

No fees accepted from any investment company

A written guarantee is provided that no fees are accepted, either directly or indirectly, from any investment company on any client. Removing such conflicts of interest is a key ingredient to successful long-term oriented investment. You need not worry about being sold products such as annuities, load mutual funds, bonds underwritten by certain affiliated companies, etc.

Experience with both strong and weak markets

Parish Investments has been in business for more than 20 years, and provided good results in both strong and weak investment markets. Due to concern over key corporate governance and accounting issues, clients stock exposure was greatly reduced in late 1999 and in fact no equities were recommended again until August of 2003. Avoiding the large losses most investors incurred has made a significant difference in clients total assets. Of course there are no guarantees with respect to future returns, yet it is exactly this type of long-term oriented thinking that investors should expect.

Recognized as a leader in understanding complex financial transactions

Parish Investments is recognized as a leader in understanding complex financial transactions, including mergers and other issues.  Work in this area has generated hundreds of news stories and television and radio interviews.  Too much of the investment industry is sales driven today.  With Parish Investments you get an advisor with a genuine portfolio management, rather than sales, orientation.

Educational Background:
  • Masters of Business Administration (Finance) – Portland State University
  • Bachelor of Arts in Business (Finance/Accounting), minor Journalism – University of Oregon
  • Fluent in Spanish, French, Italian and Russian. Basic conversation in Mandarin.
Previous Professional Experience:
  • Chief Financial Officer 
  • Senior Analyst and Portfolio Manager
  • Financial Analyst and Business Planner
  • Certified Public Accountant, Auditor and Systems Consultant
  • Rural Bank Consultant – Peace Corp Volunteer in Paraguay, South America