Investment Philosophy

Parish Investments manages client wealth in a fundamentally different way than the average investor. Our obligation to make prudent investment decisions on behalf of our clients requires a disciplined investment process designed to achieve competitive long-term returns while controlling risk. We replace emotion with the fundamental logic needed to make careful, rational choices.

Our investment philosophy is based on diligent research, quality long-term investments, tax efficiency and client communication. Our disciplined investment strategy can be successfully executed through various market cycles.

Four economic environments and asset allocation strategies are recognized by Parish & Company. The current environment is defined as “balanced/conservative.”

EnvironmentStock and Stock FundsLow Risk Fixed Income
1) Growth75 percent25 percent
2) Balanced50 percent50 percent
3) Conservative25 percent75 percent
4) Wealth Preservation0 percent100 percent

The following summary is a matter of public record openly communicated to leading members of the financial community, business press and was the foundation for all client decisions.

Summary of Forecasts and RecommendationsOverall Allocation
1994 – 1999Growth
2001Wealth Preservation
2002Wealth Preservation
2003Balanced as of August 1, 2003
2004 – 2007Balanced
2008 – 2009Conservative / Wealth Preservation
2010 – 2018Balanced / Growth
2019 – 2020Balanced / Conservative

Note that not all clients have the same goals, for example, some may desire a conservative portfolio during a period defined by Parish Investments as “growth.” In addition, past recommendations do not in any way guarantee the success of future recommendations.