Economic Advisor Analysis: McCain Clinton and Obama

As the Presidential race narrows, it is worth examining the key economic advisers to each candidate. While John McCain and Hillary Clinton have both enlisted advisors who are largely the source of current market turmoil, Barack Obama is instead supported by a beacon of financial integrity, former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker.

McCain’s choice of John Chambers and Carly Fiorina is most unusual since they are the “poster children,” for abusive executive compensation and financial engineering, in particular that related to stock options and costly mergers that result in significant job losses and minimal long term benefit.

Hillary Clinton made the surprising choice of Robert Rubin, who waltzed within months from being Treasury Secretary to Vice-Chairman of Citigroup, making a $50 million signing bonus. Rubin was the primary advocate of deregulating the banking sector and is fondly known as the godfather of hedge funds in investment banking circles. Enough said perhaps? See related video at by searching for parishinvestments.