The Guardian – Revealed: Wife of Putin’s Spokesman Faces Questions over US Tax Affairs

By Luke Harding and Jon Swaine – February 11, 2019

Questions have been raised about the US tax affairs of the wife of Vladimir Putin’s spokesman, after records suggested she may have failed to declare her true income to US regulators and not disclosed foreign bank accounts.

Tatiana Navka, a former Olympic ice dancing champion, also appears to have wrongly claimed a potentially beneficial US tax status, according to an investigation by the Guardian.

Tatiana Navka, with her husband, the Russian presidential spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, attend a premiere at the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow in 2017. (Photograph: Valery Sharifulin/Tass)

Court papers suggest she separately built up tens of thousands of dollars in unpaid property taxes on a house she told US authorities she had already sold. Navka lived and trained in the US for more than a decade.

Bill Parish, an Oregon-based investment adviser who has worked as a tax consultant to US government investigators, said married taxpayers are treated very differently than single filers.

“There is huge amounts of law based around that,” said Parish. “Millions of ordinary taxpayers who get divorced have to go through the pain of untangling their finances to resume filing as single.”

Note: This story was based upon original research by Parish & Company.